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  • The largest inventory of fine chemical, standard and pharma grade cyclodextrins derivatives from mg to kg scale, maltooligormes, fluorescent tagged cyclodextrins, single isomers, polymers and special HPLC columns for their qualification.

  • Commercially available USP N.F. grade Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium manufactured under cGMP conditions. We also provide corresponding development services and reference materials for the qualification.

  • Every possible cyclodextrin-related service including custom GMP manufacturing of cyclodextrins, formulation development, custom synthesis of cyclodextrins, related analytical services and many more...


The world's only all-round CYCLODEXTRIN BIOTECH company

CycloLab Ltd. started its life and operated as a small R&D company for over 25 years. Recent changes in the world market and economy revealed the need for a change in the company’s business portfolio. Hence we have decided to share the resources between R&D activity and establishment of manufacturing facilities that enable the production of cyclodextrins in larger scale and under GMP circumstances.

To maintain and strengthen our position in the market, CycloLab dedicates special attention to invention and developing patentable technologies. This attitude is well highlighted by the over 130 patents filed by the company so far.

CycloLab committed its operations to serve the pharmaceutical industry by participating in early phase drug development studies (feasibility, formulation optimization, bioequivalence, etc) analysis and GMP manufacturing of various cyclodextrin derivatives to be applied as excipients.


  • 01-08-2016
    Volume 2 in the series of "Nanotechnology in the Agri-food Industry” with the title "Encapsulations” (edited by A.M. Grumezescu) has been recently published. It contains several chapters on cyclodextrin complexation of flavors and aromas. http://store.elsevier.com/Encapsulations/Alexandru-Grumezescu/isbn-9780128043073/
  • 01-08-2016
    The recently marketed veterinary formulation is useful for improving the digestion of cats and dogs. http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/petgo/2013062614427.html
  • 26-07-2016
    The world-wide recognized biochemist, Professor of Semmelweis University, György Kéri (66) passed away on 20th July after a long fight against an incurable disease. His outstanding research in the field of cell signaling therapy and related pharmaceuticals made him famous among professionals. He developed several compounds, kinase inhibitors for clinical trials including sunitinib, which was...
  • 15-07-2016
    Several professional and in-depth studies on the current state of various cyclodextrin industries with a focus on the Chinese market can be purchased from Reports Express. The following market research reports are available: Global and Chinese Report on Cyclodextrin Industry –2016 Global and Chinese Report on Alpha-Cyclodextrin Industry –2016 Global and Chinese Report on Alpha-Cyclodextrin...
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CycloLab Cyclodextrin Research and Development Laboratory Ltd.

Location: Illatos út 7, Budapest, Hungary, H-1097

Mail address: Budapest, P.O.Box 435, H-1525 Hungary

Phone: 0036-1-347-6060 or -6070           Fax: 0036-1-347-6068

E-mail: cyclolab@cyclolab.hu

Registered by the Metropolitan Court as court of registration under No. Cg. 01-09-162381

VAT No.: HU 10678970