Cyclodextrin-enabled Product Development

Services 16 March, 2017
Customization of CD-enabled formulations, life-cycle management
During the lab experiments with an API/cosmetic ingredient/nutrient the need for improving certain characteristics may arise. Stability, water solubility, pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, etc. can be improved by cyclodextrins. Furthermore cyclodextrins are increasingly proving to be clinically appealing molecules by themselves.
CycloLab offers conducting interaction studies to select the most effective cyclodextrin for your active, proof of concept studies and development of a new formulation with the selected cyclodextrin.
The developed formulation is optimized and preliminary stability studies are performed. CycloLabalso supports its customers with all analytical aspects related to the formulation, reporting to authorities, IP issues and relevant documentation.
Once the new formulation is finalized, CycloLab can assist you with the manufacturing of the selected cyclodextrin, even under cGMP conditions, conducting in vitro bioequivalence studies, etc.
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